Royal Tint N Dip is a Window Tinting Service in Redmond, OR

Welcome to Royal Tint N Dip, your professional auto window tinting service in Redmond, OR. We started off just like anyone else, wanting to make our little car look better......and maybe hide some imperfections. We wanted work done and we just didn't have the money, everything costed so much money, so we just tried it ourselves.

However before we just went at it, we researched how to do it to get the best possible result. The first time may not have been the best, but we didn't give up. We tried it again...and again...and again...until we were happy with the results. Friends saw what we did to our cars and asked to do it to theirs also. We started getting calls from people we didn't know, referrals from friends, wanting work done and because we loved doing it, we helped them out and gained some experience as well. There came a time where we struggled to make ends meet and we offered what we did to others to make some extra cash and that's how Royal Tint N Dip was born.

Our services include:

We work hard to customize your car and make your vision come true. Our prices are reasonable and not overpriced while having the same or better quality of work as our competitors. We do it in a quick and timely fashion without sacrificing quality.

To find out more about our auto tinting services, contact Royal Tint N Dip.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Family Owned Business
  • Quality Work
  • Reasonable Prices
Locations Served
  • Redmond, OR